another result of our work ARTE L`EON - Frankfurt Videoproduktion, TV, Filmproduktion - Mendl Festival in Zeitz - Luther, Brecht & Frisch - and Michael Mendl has the last word - in the Franciscan monastery

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From the results of over 2 decades of video production
Mendl Festival - Martin Luther, Bertolt Brecht & Max Frisch - and Michael Mendl has the last word

Mendl Festival in Zeitz - Luther, Brecht & Frisch - and Michael Mendl has the last word - in the Franciscan monastery

Mendl Festival - Luther, Brecht & Frisch - and Michael Mendl has the last word - in the Franciscan monastery in Zeitz

Mendl Festival - Martin Luther, Bertolt Brecht & Max Frisch - and Michael Mendl has the last word

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Another recording of an event as part of the Mendl Festival 2019. Michael Mendl (actor) quoted from the works of Martin Luther, Bertolt Brecht and Max Frisch. He himself had the last word Musical accompaniment was provided by a pianist, a drummer and a bassist. 7 cameras were used to record this event.
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