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Our range of services

Parallel video recording with multiple cameras (multi-camera video production)

A main field of activity of VIDEOPRODUKTION DORTMUND is multi-camera video recording and video production. Several cameras of the same type are used. When it comes to image quality, VIDEOPRODUKTION DORTMUND makes no compromises. The recording is at least in 4K/UHD. The video editing takes place on high-performance computers. VIDEOPRODUKTION DORTMUND already offers the possibility to produce videos in 8K / UHD-II / UHDTV2 / 4320p.
Video recording of concerts, theater performances and readings ...

The video recording of concerts, theater performances, readings, etc. is of course done with several cameras. If the many areas of the stage performance are to be recorded on video from different perspectives, we use the multi-camera method to do this. We use cameras that are remote controlled. From a central point, a cameraman has everything in view and can align the cameras in a variety of ways. This reduces manpower and costs because a single person can control multiple cameras.
TV and video reports for radio, streaming and the internet

Through many years of activity, we also have a wealth of experience in this area. Hundreds of TV contributions and reports were produced and broadcast. The researched topics as well as the locations were very different and varied. These included breaking news and information, cultural and sporting events, competitions, social events and much more. Our wealth of experience makes it possible for you to research all conceivable subject areas in order to produce TV reports and video reports.
Video production of interviews, round tables, discussion events, etc.

Depending on the order, we also use several cameras for the video production of interviews, discussion events, round tables, etc. If the questioner is not to be shown in the picture in interviews with only one person, two cameras are sometimes completely sufficient. Of course, we rely on the multi-camera method insofar as it is an interview and conversation situation with several people. The extent to which remote-controlled cameras must be used depends on whether the event is attended by an audience. The time required can be reduced if the video recordings are conversations and interviews without an audience.
Editing and editing of video and audio material

Of course, recording events, concerts, interviews and discussions is not enough. After video recording, video editing is the logical next step in video production. During the video editing, the soundtracks and audio tracks are viewed, adjusted and mixed at the same time. If additional text and image material is to be integrated, this is not a problem. Logos and blurbs can also be designed and integrated. If you would like video material from you or from other sources to be integrated, you are welcome to submit this. Audio tracks from concert recordings can also be remixed and remastered.
Manufacture of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs in small quantities

VIDEOPRODUKTION DORTMUND offers small batch manufacturing of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs. When it comes to archiving audio, video and data, CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs offer clear advantages. The shelf life of USB sticks, memory cards and hard drives is limited. Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs lack electronic components. Thus, these potential weak points and causes for data loss are missing. Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs are the best choice for selling, giving away or archiving music and videos as a keepsake.

Results from more than 20 years of creative process
Everyone decides for themselves - the opinion of a resident of the Burgenland district

Everyone decides for themselves - the citizens' voice of the Burgenland ... »
The demo against traffic light games: Video report from Weissenfels on September 18th, 2023

Review of September 18th, 2023: Video documentation of the demo NO ONE WITH THE TRAFFIC LIGHTS in ... »
The 8th wonder of the world: The longest cable car in the world in Zeitz - A video interview with Ralph Dietrich about the history and the association Historische Wireseilbahn Zeitz eV

Experience the 8th wonder of the world: The longest cable car in the world in Zeitz - Ralph ... »
Insights into the everyday work of Chief Physician Dr. medical Andrew Hellweger. This TV report gives insights into the everyday work of Chief Physician Dr. medical Andreas Hellweger in the Asklepiosklinik Weißenfels. Part 2

Chief Physician Dr. medical Andreas Hellweger: Saving lives in the hospital. In this TV ... »
Forward-looking visions: Candidacy of Dana Burkhardt and Gabriele Naundorf on June 9, 2024

Living democracy: Dana Burkhardt and Gabriele Naundorf for the Merseburg city council and ...»
Charging made easy: The new electric charging station at the VW-Audi dealership in Kittel: A report on how the new charging station works and how it can be used by electric car drivers.

Interview with Ekkart Günther: How Stadtwerke Weißenfels is driving electromobility: ... »
YOU CAN ALWAYS PUT THE BLAME ON SOMEONE ELSE! - Gunter Walther (Weissenfels City Council, Alliance 90/The Greens) in conversation - The Bürgerstimme Burgenlandkreis

DEBT SHIFTING GAME: GUNTER WALTHER IN CONVERSATION - Weissenfels City Council, Alliance 90/The ... »
Cycle cross event: 15th race around the Auensee in Granschütz with Biehler Cross Challenge and interview with Winfried Kreis (White Rock eV Weißenfels) in the TV report

TV report about the 15th cyclocross race around the Auensee in Granschütz with Biehler ... »
Promotion in sight - Hajo Bartlau and Uwe Kraneis talk about the new developments at 1. FC Zeitz.

Plans and perspectives - Hajo Bartlau and Uwe Kraneis reveal how 1. FC Zeitz intends to ... »
Discovery in Posa: foundation of the monastery church found: TV report about the discovery of the foundation of the former monastery church of the Posa monastery in Burgenlandkreis. In an interview with Philipp Baumgarten and Holger Rode, we learn more about the excavations and how the find changed the history of the monastery.

Posa Monastery: Archaeological find provides insight into the past: TV report on the ... »

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